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How to: Identify your strengths

Updated: May 19, 2020

Knowing and using your strengths is an essential part of success in all walks of life. For your career, this gives you the ability to pursue opportunities that showcase what you're good at or enjoy.

So, how do you identify strengths?

There are a number of ways to assess what you're good at. You should conduct a self-assessment (more on how to do this below), or ask your colleagues, family or friends what they think.

To identify strengths, you can self-assess with the following questions

- What do you do better than others?

- What positives were mentioned at a recent performance review? - What are your 3 greatest career achievements?

- Think of 3 things that make you stand out in the workplace

- What is your Unique Selling Point?

Once you have a list of strengths, begin asking for feedback from your peers.

Getting feedback

If you are doing a formal self-assessment of your strengths, it can be helpful to set up an anonymous online survey for your chosen respondents. This will give people a bit more breathing space to write all of their thoughts.

If this is an informal exercise, verbally ask your trusted peers for their thoughts. Alter the above questions from the self-assessments and just ask them for their opinions on examples of you doing a good job or getting a great result in something else.

Once you have a list of strengths, it's time to highlight your key strengths and begin using them to your advantage.

Using your strengths

Now that you have an understanding of what makes you unique, it is crucial that you tell potential employers about your strengths. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you do this.

By using your strengths throughout the job search, the chances of you landing your next role are much higher.

Now that you know what you're good at it is also important to highlight areas of improvement so that you can progress your overall ability level whilst performing as a result of using your strengths.

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