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Terms of Use

We like to think we are super easy and clear to work with, but here is some more information and Terms of Use for our services and support:

"Client(s)" is / are herein defined as: "a user of Career Velocity's website and/or other digital channels, or a paying client of on our Career Development Tools". The term "Client(s)" will herein be used interchangeably with the term "User(s)".

"Service(s)" are herein defined as the paid tools that Career Velocity offers. This includes, but is not limited to, CV and Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn Profile Refreshes and Coaching Sessions.

"Clients", or "Users" of, Career Velocity’s Services must understand and accept the following information and terms:

  • Career Velocity provide Career Development Services to help clients in their mission of securing their next job and/or refreshing their professional profile.

  • Key services include CV & Cover Letter Writing as well as the creation or refresh of client LinkedIn profiles.

  • "Career Tips" - we share tips and insights that are written to give the client or user some insight in to the experience and/or opinions of the writer(s).  

  • "Career Velocity Promise" – we guarantee to finesse the output of our services until you are delighted with the results. This means that you will always be provided with a draft of our work and be given the opportunity to feedback and request any changes. Following this review, we will finalise the work and provide the completed services.

  • "Refer-A-Friend" - lots of our customers hear about us from friends and family. Refer a friend and be rewarded with a £5 Amazon voucher,  PLUS, you both get a 30% coupon for an Interview Prep Masterclass. Simply tell your friend about our services and tell them to state your name and email address at point of enquiry. To be eligible, the referred client must spend over £49.99 and not already be a customer or 'prospect' of Career Velocity. 

  • In order to provide services, Career Velocity may require a client’s personal information such as full name, address and employment history. This information is voluntarily provided and clients reserve the right to not provide any personal information. For more details on how we use, process and store personal data, please refer to the "Privacy Policy". This data is managed carefully and only used to support your professional development.

  • As part of Career Velocity’s services, clients may receive a “Consultation” to establish how Career Velocity could support the client in achieving the goal that is defined by the client. Typical goals include, but are not limited to; securing a job interview, getting a new job, updating their professional profile. Our support and services have been tailored to support clients in achieving their goals, however, Career Velocity cannot be held accountable should the client not fulfil the goal(s).

  • During a “(Career) Consultation” (and any other communication with Career Velocity), a member of the Career Velocity team may give their "opinion(s)" on what could help the client achieve their goal(s). Career Velocity will not be held accountable should clients act upon these "opinions": Clients make the ultimate decision on what is right for them and their goal(s).

  • Furthermore, any reference to "Tips", "Advice" or "Guidance" should only be considered as the "opinion" of the writer / representative and it is at the client / user's discretion whether to act upon these opinions. Career Velocity and its partners, suppliers or other third parties will not be held responsible for any eventualities arising from these opinions. Clients / Users retain full responsibility for their career and actions.

  • From time to time, Career Velocity may offer free tools such as 'CV Health Checks'. These tools are designed to support clients and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase one of our paid services.

By purchasing our products / services and / or engaging with our company, you must understand and accept these terms.